Stable interior

Standard front

Standard front with sliding door

  • The fronts are made with C-profiles and are filled with Govaplast, in a gamut of colors, or Bamboo planks up to a height of 1,20m. The front has a total height of 2,20m..
  • The railing can be galvanised, powder coated or in stainless steel.
  • The door, measuring 1,20m in width, is attached to a ROB rail with two wheels. It is equipped with a practical lock consisting of a synthetic nob and a guide. It is possible to include a hatch in the door.
  • The front will be hot galvanisedand can be powder coated in a standard RAL color of choice.
  • A decorative plank with decorative corners can be added to the front.
  • A feeding opening is provided.
  • The front can swivel open to facilitate cleaning the stalls.
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