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Our service is complete: From A to Z!

Are you looking for a new stable? We can help you. We will be alongside you every step of the way.
Starting with making up plans and being in contact with the architects. Once the plans are made concrete we can start realizing your project. Everything happens inhouse. We work with our own personel who draws up the plans and designs everything, our own welders make the panels. We offer you one centralized point of contact for the entirety of the project.

Once the building is placed we will look at the sewage system (inside and outside), the ground situation (inside and outside), followed by the interior arrangement and the metal joinery. Novel technologies such as automation systems, or other systems such as mosquito fly control and more can be implemented upon request.

Step 1: How do we work?

From conception to the finishing touches to the stable.

We sit down with the clients and architects, concretise the plans and head into production processes.

Step 2: Custom production

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The production of your project takes place in our atelier in Eastern Flanders. This makes us very independent.
In the meanwhile we will start demolition/preparatory works at the construction yard.

Once the building is placed we can start on the sewerage (interior and exterior), laying the ground (inside and outside) followed by placing the panels and fronts as well as installing the metal joinery elements. We can also equip the build with novel technologies (automation systems, Mosquito Fly control and more…).

Step 3: Finishing the project

We offer you one centralized point of contact for the entirety of the project, taking the organisation upon ourselves and overseeing the entire project.

Our latest projects

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