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At Paho we understand your wishes better than anyone, because our team works with horses every day. With our experience, we can meet all your construction needs, including yours. Our aim is to create a soothing and beautiful environment for you and your horses, which is also practical and functional according to your specific requirements.

Custom work

Ranging from small private installations to large equestrian centers. This means that everyone and their projects are welcome at Paho. We will work with your from the project’s conception, up to its final construction. We spend time with our clients and the architects to discuss every aspect of the build, guiding and advising along the way. Once we have the construction plans we can start the build itself. We coordinate the entire project and thus we unburden the client.

Renovations are another of our main activities. We would love to help you rethink and refresh existing spaces and buildings. When we do a renovation we look at what the most efficient use of the space would be. How will the stable be used, how will you move in the space and work in it? We can make our stalfronts turnable and the side panels can be pulled out into the hallway to facilitate mechanical mucking or if you have a mare-foal pair and need a larger stall for foaling. We are very flexible, because we want your project to be exactly as your heart desires. We offer a complete package, from start to finish!


What makes Paho a green company? For the filling of the barns, outdoor stables and stable panels we work with two materials: Govaplast and Bamboo planks.

  1. GOVAPLASTGovaerts Recycling has been producing profiles in recycled plastics since 1995. Plastic waste (PE and PP) is transformed into massive and quality profiles and planks in the factory in Alken, to then be used in a wide variety of sectors. Govaplast is active in the entire line of the recyclingprocedure and thus contributes to the upkeep and cleaning up of our ecosystem. All the plastics that find their way into our trash are sorted, cleaned and ground down to pellet form. In other words: plastic tubes, bottles, containers, foil and such are Govaplast raw materials.

    Furthermore, there are no losses in the Govaplast production line: production and sawing waste are reused in the production process. Thanks to the inherent qualities of the product, the planks used in the stables are extremely durable because they do not break or rot and thus they have a very long life-expectancy. In case they do need to be removed, they can be recycled again. In 1m² of stabling, there is nearly 35kg of recycled plastic waste. A whole lot of empty shampoo bottles and yogurt containers…

  2. BAMBOE“Yes, but don’t you need to cut down the plant?” This is indeed true, but did you know that bamboo is actually a type of grass? A tree needs approximately 50-100 years to reach maturity, whereas bamboo takes 2 months to reach its maximum height, and you can harvest bamboo every 4 to 5 years. Bamboe is manually harvested, and as such does not need machine involvement. This means less pollution in its processing. Bamboo can be planted in conjunction with other plant cultivations, meaning it does not add to deforestation issues. Furthermore bamboo needs very little water and keeps a lot of rainwater in the ground, thus working as a water saver.

    In addition, bamboo requires little water and retains rainwater, which has a water-saving function.

Because bamboo is antimicrobial and antifungal it does not demand pesticides and herbicides. Bamboo is a helping hand in nature: one hectare kan extract and stokpile 62 tons of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. Compared to most other plants’ and trees’ extraction and stocking capacity of 15 tons for one hectare. Additionaly bamboo produces 35% more oxygen than other plant/tree kinds. In conclusion, bamboo is not only fast growing, low in cost and a beneficial plant for nature, thanks to its antimicrobial and antifungal properties it is an added bonus in your stable design. It is water repellent, lightweight and strong, and additionally insect repellent. Choosing bamboo is choosing for durable nature, it is bringing in a piece of nature into your stable and aiding towards an ecological world.


We strive to build an open communication between the client and ourself. We have a step by step method to rule out any surprises. 

  1. We discuss the project with the clients and go over everything we need to know.

  2. We reach out to the architect and finalize the plans, getting feedback from the clients.

  3. We launch production of the project. As much as possible is done in our atelier in Evergem, East Flanders. This allows us to guarantee the quality of our products.

  4. We deliver the project following the planning we established with the clients. 

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